Peggy Kieschnick, MSW, ACSW


Practical, Effective Services for Nonprofits, Coalitions and Funders Committed to Excellence, Impact and Sustainability

Photo by David J. Murray, ClearEyePhoto.com


Strategic Planning

Peggy will work with you, your Board and staff to create a plan that is both strategic and doable.
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Grant Writing

Peggy will partner with you to prepare large grants that make a clear, compelling case in the language and format that make sense both to you and the funder.
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Peggy will work with you to design and facilitate meaningful conversations that help you move from talk to action.
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Peggy will help you gather the information you need to strengthen your organization, improve your outcomes and demonstrate your impact.
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“I highly recommend Peggy for facilitation, planning and consultation for any organization that is seeking to advance to a higher level of performance and development.”

Roy Gerstenberger, CEO Community Bridges