Strategic Planning

Peggy Kieschnick’s management of our strategic planning process was brilliant.

Betsy Gardella, President and CEO, NH Public Radio

Thinking and working strategically isn’t just a nice idea, it’s a necessity.


Photo by David J. Murray,

Strategic Planning can help you:

  • Set a Direction and make hard choices when resources are scarce and the pressure is great to be all things to all people
  • Identify Priorities and agree on a path
  • Get Everyone On the Same Page so that Board members and staff are all working toward a common goal
  • Create A Usable Plan that guides your work and helps you keep your eye on the ball when the demands of the day threaten to sap your strength and distract you from doing what you believe most needs to be done

A good Strategic Planning process…

  • Focuses on the issues that matter the most
  • Balances eliciting valuable stakeholder input with the need to move from talk to action
  • Is doable within your time and energy constraints
  • Results in a plan you can actually use
  • Leaves your Board and staff energized and ready to go


“I really am excited about what we’ve come up with. It’s even better than I’d hoped and definitely the best planning process I’ve ever been part of. I think my Strategic Planning PTSD is cured.

Grace Mattern, Board President (May 2017)
New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits