Grant Writing

Writing grants takes time.  Writing big grants takes a lot of time.

Photo by David J. Murray,

I will help you:

  • Decipher what the funder is seeking and create a framework for your proposal that helps you break the work into bite size pieces and ensures that you meet both the letter and the spirit of the RFP.
  • Clarify your logic model.  Many funders require a detailed logic model – but even if they don’t, you will need to articulate the components of a logic model throughout the proposal.  I’ll help you do this.
  • Flesh out ideas.  Sometimes you will feed me paragraphs, sometimes bulleted lists, sometimes we will just talk through sections out loud.  My job in each case is to “translate” the information into a narrative that is easy for the funder to read and understand.
  • Serve as your ghost writer.  Most likely, multiple people within your organization will be writing sections of the grant.  I will weave these voices together into one cohesive voice so that your grant never reads as if it were “written by committee.”


“Peggy…spends time upfront understanding your issues, and then plans a very tailored, not cookie cutter, response for your organization, whether it is grant writing, facilitating Board/staff strategic planning, staff workshops, etc.”

Helen Taft, Executive Director, Families First of the Greater Seacoast