After many years of watching Peggy in action, I continue to admire her mastery of the group facilitation process.

Lisa Couture, M.S.W. Executive Director Krempels Center

Meetings that are worth having are those in which we are able to:

  • Have focused, honest and respectful conversations
  • Build consensus
  • Reach decisions
  • Leave the meeting with energy and the sense of time well spent
Photo by David J. Murray, ClearEyePhoto.com

As a facilitator I will help you:

  • Create a meaningful agenda and identify who needs to be at the table
  • Design a process that balances inclusive participation and good discussion with the need to move forward
  • Ensure that everyone has a voice during the meeting
  • Stay on task
  • Identify themes and areas of agreement and disagreement that emerge during the discussion
  • Synthesize information and ideas both during the meeting and in a written summary

“Organizational change is challenging, and in this current economy, allocating tight resources for facilitation can be daunting, but it is in times such as these, that an outside facilitator is the most strategic investment an organization can make for its long-term sustainability. Peggy Kieschnick is just that facilitator who has the skill and dedication to move you forward.”

Marianne Jones, Executive Director, The Women’s Fund of NH