Experience & Qualifications

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  • Over 20 years of consulting experience and almost 40 years of experience in the nonprofit sector
  • Member ACSW, NH Center for Nonprofits


I have worked with…

  • Well over 100 nonprofits
  • Tiny grassroots organizations, $20+ million dollar statewide organizations and everything in between.
  • Human service, philanthropic, environmental, community development, arts and culture and educational organizations

Nonprofit Capacity Building Expertise

Achieving your mission requires people with smarts, passion, creativity, and a whole lot of perseverance.  It also requires effective, efficient and sustainable organizations.  For this reason I have focused a great deal of my career on understanding what it takes to increase the capacity of nonprofits.  As a part of this work I was fortunate to:

Photo by David J. Murray, ClearEyePhoto.com

Fee Structure

  • Prior to beginning work I will submit a proposal that maps out the work we will do together and estimates the total cost.
  • I charge a per diem rate.  There is no additional fee for mileage and routine copying.