What Clients Say

Executive Directors

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“Two years ago, New Hampshire Public Radio launched a strategic planning process, its first since the mid-1990’s. Over the last decade, NHPR had grown and changed, as had the media industry. Peggy Kieschnick’ s management of our strategic planning process was brilliant. In a short period of time, she was able to develop a deep understanding of public media, synthesize complex ideas, and capture fast-moving conversations; and facilitate discussions between staff teams and Board committees. The outcome was a dynamic plan that set our vision and serves as our day-to-day operating manual. Peggy’s work was simply invaluable.”

Betsy Gardella, President and CEO
NH Public Radio

“We have been fortunate to have Peggy’s expertise in leading our strategic planning process for the past two years. She has been skillful in helping both board members and senior staff bring their best contributions forward and synthesizing the results into plans and documents that are useful in day-to-day implementation. Peggy has offered excellent training sessions for our board in a manner that was customized to their needs and capacities. I highly recommend Peggy for facilitation, planning and consultation for any organization that is seeking to advance to a higher level of performance and development. I trust Peggy for her advice on many issues facing leadership in our company. The depth of her experience and knowledge in evident in everything that she has done for us.”

Roy Gerstenberger, Executive Director
Community Bridges

“Peggy is a skilled facilitator.  Over the years Seacoast Mental Health Center has worked with Peggy on a number of occasions and have been very pleased with the results each time.  I have often recommended Peggy to colleagues who have also reported positive results.”

Jay Couture, MHA, Executive Director
Seacoast Mental Health Center, Inc.

“The Strategic Planning process that Peggy led us through resulted in a comprehensive plan that is truly actionable. She helped us articulate our “theory of change,” which appropriately grounded our plan in the impacts we hope to achieve for the people and institutions we serve. Peggy’s facilitation of our smart, vocal Board and staff was impressive, as she gently, skillfully moved us through the process. I am pleased to report that this Strategic Plan isn’t sitting on the shelf, but is being consulted regularly in our decision-making.”

Deborah Watrous, Executive Director
NH Humanities Council

I have known Peggy for around 20 years, professionally and personally. We have both gone through many changes during that time, but I have always trusted Peggy’s judgment.  She is a uniquely talented facilitator.  Without offending anyone, she can keep a group on track, on time and goal oriented.  All my dealings with her professionally have been productive and satisfying.  I would recommend her to any group without reservation.

Linda Griebsch, Executive Director,
Joan G. Lovering Health Center

“Peggy is a thoughtful, insightful facilitator who can think globally yet manage the plethora of ideas and details that she deftly draws forth through the group process.  You leave a meeting feeling respected and heard.  Yet, while all thoughts and ideas are honored, she also helps to keep the conversation contained to its intentions and moving forward.  After many years of watching Peggy in action, I continue to admire her mastery of the group facilitation process, whatever the purpose.”

Lisa Couture, M.S.W., Executive Director,
Krempels Center

“Peggy has great organizational, communication, and facilitation skills. When you work with her, she spends time upfront understanding your issues, and then plans a very tailored, not cookie cutter, response for your organization, whether it is grant writing, facilitating board/staff strategic planning, staff workshops, etc. She is very perceptive at understanding the dynamics of your organization (her social worker background!), and can communicate well the positive characteristics of your agency. This combination of skills- her preparation, her communication, her perception, and her thoughtful facilitation– means that your group is much more likely to have a successful outcome and move forward. Peggy has always made us feel that she really cares about our organization and the process that is so important to having a successful outcome. She has excellent follow-through and sees this process through from beginning to end, as opposed to some consultants who come in and out very quickly. It is always worth the time and money working with Peggy, because you are always sure of what you are getting from Peggy’s work and its value. We at Families First would highly recommend Peggy and feel that her consultation over the years has helped Families First through its growth and development as a much larger and comprehensive organization.”

Helen Taft, Executive Director
Families First of the Greater Seacoast

“As someone who has worked with Peggy for many years, I can always count on her to stimulate constructive conversations. She creates strategies that maximize participants’ time and input by thinking one step ahead.  I remember one time after a session Peggy led on long-range strategies when everyone else headed to lunch, Peggy remained behind to restructure the afternoon session to take advantage of our morning work.  As a result, we ended the day with a terrific product and an enthusiastic group ready to take the next steps.  She is an excellent consultant because of the depth and breadth of experiences, creativity and skills that she brings to her work.”

Ellen Fineberg, Executive Director
Children’s Alliance of New Hampshire

“Organizational change is challenging, and in this current economy, allocating tight resources for facilitation can be daunting, but it is in times such as these, that an outside facilitator is the most strategic investment an organization can make for its long-term sustainability. Peggy Kieschnick is just that facilitator who has the skill and dedication to move you forward. In tough times, emotions run strong, fissures can develop at the leadership level of an organization, and there is a tendency for retreat at the very moment a change would be the most effective step. Peggy’s ability to build consensus and create forward momentum for an organization and its leadership is a powerful tool for surviving in this economic climate. It is an investment, but it is the one investment everyone should be making to be sure they are making the best decisions for the future.

“In our experience with hiring outside consultants, Peggy Kieschnick’ s rates for her time and expertise in strategic planning are reasonable and affordable to nonprofits of all sizes in New Hampshire and her rates are consistent with our particular region and the average size of nonprofits and other groups who would be in need of a facilitator.

“While strategic planning can get a ‘bad rap’ for not creating an impact, Peggy Kieschnick has an approach and a commitment that will surprise even the most jaded strategic planning participant. She is committed to not only facilitating the ‘live’ sessions, but also to the detailed follow-up and timelines that are essential to moving a process forward. She creates individualized documents and workplans that are molded by the particular needs and challenges of the participants—there is no magic template or over used boilerplates, no jargon, or trendy exercises—it is years of background in this field that creates an original process for each group, tailored specifically for you.”

Marianne Jones, Executive Director
The Women’s Fund

“I have now had the pleasure of experiencing the work of Peggy Kieschnick with two different non-profit agencies here in New Hampshire. She is an outstanding facilitator, relates well to both board and staff members, and has a knack for producing plans which are clear, concise, and best of all, achievable! She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.”
Dennis Powers, CEO,
Community Crossroads

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Board Members

“As a young organization Peggy helped us focus on our mission, our goals and priorities as she guided us through a Strategic Plan that will help our organization grow and become more sustainable.”

Natalie Fream, Board President
Main Street Arts

“We were all so impressed with the final product Peggy produced with us – a truly comprehensive Strategic Plan to guide our growth and improvement in all areas of the organization for the next several years. More impressive was the process. Peggy gently, deftly, and successfully brought our diverse Board and staff together to identify and prioritize the various needs, challenges, and opportunities we face in the future. She quickly gained our respect and a deep understanding of us all as individuals and as an organization. We owe Peggy many thanks. She helped us become a stronger organization and we now face our future with confidence and solidarity.”

Jon Evans, Past Board Chair
White Birch Community Center

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“Peggy helped us listen to each other, and figure out a good plan for moving forward together.  While we were working with Peggy, I realized that the conflicts and differing perspectives within our group were actually helping us to make better decisions. Peggy’s facilitation enabled us to hear each other and learn from each other.  Peggy’s style was clear and direct, but never intrusive. She created opportunities for us to discuss issues thoroughly, and then she helped us to see where we had consensus. Peggy organized us and coordinated us and provided the supportive services so that our working group could focus on what kind of organization we wanted to build together.”

Maggie Fogarty
Housing Action New Hampshire

“I really am excited about what we’ve come up with. It’s even better than I’d hoped and definitely the best planning process I’ve ever been part of. I think my Strategic Planning PTSD is cured.

Grace Mattern, Board President (May 2017)
New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits

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